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Pokémon Learning League Adds Internet Safety Program

Posted Jan 25, 2008
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Pokémon USA, Inc., has announced that its Internet Safety Program, co-developed with the Virginia Department of Education, is now available to all schools, districts, and families through Pokémon Learning League subscriptions. Pokémon Learning League,, is a suite of animated, interactive standards-based lessons in math, science, language arts, and life skills.


Based on customer demand from teachers and parents, Pokémon extended its online offering with the addition of the Internet Safety Program. The two-week unit consists of three lessons in online safety and media literacy, upper and lower elementary lesson plans and unit quizzes, tips for parents and guardians, printable Internet Safety certificates for students, and a printable poster to remind students how to stay safe online. Teacher's Guides are provided to help educators integrate the Pokémon Learning League lessons into classroom planning. 

The Pokémon Learning League Internet Safety Program addresses key areas of media literacy as defined by education leaders, including online safety, cooperative learning, fostering responsible citizenship, and connecting classroom curriculum to students' activities outside school. Students learn how to access, understand, analyze, and evaluate media messages on the internet and other outlets.



The lessons combine sound educational practices with the popularity of Pokémon characters to engage students in essential life skills and core curriculum topics. Each lesson guides students through a three-step approach to learning: an animated, narrative tutorial (Watch), guided practice (Try) and an interactive challenge (Apply).

For more information on the Internet Safety Program, go to Teachers and parents can sign-up for a free one-month trial at

Source: Pokémon USA, Inc.,


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