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PlumChoice Offers 24x7 Remote Computer Service Through Partnership Programs for Schools and Universities

Posted Oct 17, 2008
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PlumChoice, a provider of remote technical support services, has announced it is now making its 24x7 internet-based computer services available to students and faculty at schools and universities. Via the internet, PlumChoice’s technicians take temporary control of the troubled computer while the user watches – even at 3 am or on holidays – eliminating the delays associated with repair shop visits, technician house calls, or do-it-yourself fixes with instructions from a call center, the announcement states.


PlumChoice offers a variety of services ranging from one-time maintenance to monthly single-service and comprehensive coverage packages.


Options include a PlumChoice PC Tune-up at $129.95 that cleans and checks the user’s machine for viruses, spyware, unnecessary files and various performance problems; a $9.95/month online Backup & Assist program that protects all of the user’s papers, pictures and music against data loss; and a $9.95/month Protect & Assist program that ensures that users don’t lose their English paper, chemistry calculations or reams of research to spyware or viruses, according to the announcement. 


For information on partnering with PlumChoice, visit

Source: PlumChoice,

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