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Philippe Cousteau’s EarthEcho International Partners with Discovery Education to Launch Water Planet Challenge

Posted Oct 27, 2010
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EarthEcho International, an environmental education nonprofit, has partnered with Discovery Education to launch the Water Planet Challenge ( A national call-to-action, the Water Planet Challenge engages and empowers youth to bring about environmental change starting with water-focused projects at a local level, according to the announcement.  The web-based program provides interactive tools and resources for middle and high school-aged youth to design, create and implement service-learning projects that address environmental concerns in their communities, from water conservation to beachfront cleanups. 

Among the resources EarthEcho International and Discovery Education are providing at no cost to students, educators, and community leaders at launch are: 
--Step-by-step action guides that walk students through a project from investigation to completion
--Standards-aligned lesson plans that allow middle and high school teachers and students to explore the impact of local action in the context of the recent Gulf oil disaster
--Video segments on a variety of environmental topics educators can seamlessly integrate into existing curriculum, as well as a link to Philippe Cousteau's recent webinar on his experiences in the Gulf of Mexico following the oil spill
In the coming months, additional action guides and lesson plans on other water-related environmental issues and additional video clips will be added to further support the Water Planet Challenge.

Preliminary funding for the Water Planet Challenge has been provided by the Toyota USA Foundation, Participant Media, Campbell Foundation, Code Blue Foundation, and Maesa Home.

For more information about EarthEcho International, visit

Source: Discovery Education,

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