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Pearson’s “Miller & Levine Biology” Premieres New & Interactive Edition

Posted Dec 17, 2008
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Pearson’s "Miller & Levine Biology" premieres a new and interactive edition designed to take students on biology adventures and virtual journeys.

The program’s new digital center,, enables students to explore their world as they embark on real-life science video adventures with a team of young "ecogeeks." Described by scientist-author Joe Levine as "science reality tv" the "Untamed Science" program provides a blend of energy, enthusiasm, and solid scientific knowledge.

The digital materials offer information and activities, including complete online student and teacher editions of the textbooks, editable worksheets, interactive study guides, science games, and online assessments.

The Miller & Levine Biology" program is designed to help all students learn the big ideas and concepts of this field of science, regardless of their learning style or ability. Customized curriculum packages allow educators to select the personalized learning solution that fits the needs of their classrooms. "Miller & Levine Biology" is designed to use with students who are learning on grade level; the "Foundation Series: Miller & Levine Biology" includes the same content--written for students not performing at grade level--and provides embedded reading support to ensure that struggling learners master key biology concepts.

Teachers who want to combine print and digital resources can choose the "Core Edition: Miller & Levine Biology." A completely digital program is available via and PLUS. The program also offers two workbooks for students needing additional support in reading or study skills.

A video about "Miller & Levine Biology" and the ecogeeks can be seen online at


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