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Pearson’s Distributed Scoring Program to Mark "100 Million Scores" Milestone in 2010

Posted Feb 22, 2010
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Pearson has announced that its distributed scoring program, which utilizes technology to securely score assessments anywhere at any time, will reach a landmark milestone in 2010 with assessment evaluators assigning their 100 millionth score.

Distributed scoring uses online services to break down physical barriers historically associated with scoring large-scale assessments, enabling experienced scorers to effectively score assessments from home. Through the program, Pearson is able to tap a large pool of qualified scorers, increase flexibility for scoring employees, and provide greater customization for scoring customers.

Six years ago, Pearson decided to make flexible scoring options a core component of its operational model due to a growing customer base and a keen interest in the continued recruitment of only top- quality scorers. Now, Pearson professional scorers throughout the nation score performance items, including writing, reading, and mathematics assessments; college entrance essays; and English language learner assessments, from their homes.

Currently, Pearson's database of qualified scorers contains about 56,000 diverse applicants representing every state, more than 22,000 of whom have a master's degrees or higher. Each of the distributed scorers must meet Pearson's qualifications and go through a similar screening process as on-site scorers, which includes an analysis of application data, a phone interview, and a process to verify credentials and eligibility.

For more information about Pearson's distributed scoring program or to learn how to apply for employment as a scorer, please visit and click on "Scoring at Home."

Source: Pearson,

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