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Pearson’s Assessment for Learning Group Launches Limelight

Posted Apr 28, 2010
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The Assessment for Learning group (A4L) of Pearson has released Limelight, a new, 21st-century assessment for learning tool designed to strengthen the connection between teachers and students as they work together to achieve learning goals. Using state-of-the-art technology, Limelight illuminates each individual student's learning path for teachers, providing new insights into their abilities and the progress being made toward achieving academic success, the announcement states.

With Limelight, teachers can embed classroom-based assessments into their daily instruction to generate results that individualize learning for students. The online system produces high-quality data conveyed in straightforward reports that can inform real-time instruction in the classroom. Limelight also seamlessly integrates with current teaching technology such as interactive white boards and wireless response systems.

Limelight offers teachers a practical system for creating assessments - both online and in print - in as little as two minutes for immediate classroom use and provides fast access to reports of relevant and timely data. 

Limelight's key features include:

  • Modularity - To meet the changing assessment needs of school districts, Limelight offers multiple test item banks; different types of assessments such as user-created, computer-adaptive, and pre-constructed; and varying delivery methods like pencil-and-paper, online, and integration with learning response devices.
  • Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) - Computer-adaptive testing, which changes an assessment based on an estimation of a student's ability after each response, helps to personalize classroom evaluations. With CAT, teachers have access to the most accurate, reliable information about an examinee because, unlike traditional pencil-and-paper tests, respondents do not all answer the same set of questions. This secure, online testing option can individually pace assessments and provide scores almost immediately.
  • Diagnostic Tests for Reading and Math - Online, reliable assessments afford educators the ability to assess and analyze data and intervene and re-test students when necessary. Teachers can use these analytical evaluations to understand students' prior knowledge and skills, better determine strengths and weaknesses to individualize learning, and place students at appropriate instructional levels.
  • Integration with Classroom Teaching Equipment - Limelight closely integrates with classroom teaching technology such as interactive white boards and wireless response devices. For example, a teacher can incorporate Limelight questions into a daily classroom lesson by having students respond anonymously via personal response devices, immediately receiving feedback to help inform instruction and encouraging greater class participation.
  • Test Bank - Limelight's test banks offer tens of thousands of standards-aligned questions that enable teachers to implement interim, benchmark, diagnostic and classroom assessments.
  • Alignment with New Common Core Standards - When the final Common Core State Standards are released, Limelight's assessment items will align to those standards, allowing for the measurement of corresponding knowledge and skills.
  • Reporting and Tracking Capabilities - Visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports track student performance and facilitate data-driven decision making.

For more information about Limelight and the Assessment for Learning group of Pearson, visit

Source: Assessment for Learning group (A4L) of Pearson,

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