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Pearson Prentice Hall Pairs Literacy Skill Builder Series With WriteToLearn

Posted May 11, 2006
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Pearson Knowledge Technologies (PKT) and Pearson Prentice Hall have announced the bundling of two literacy tools: Prentice Hall's Literacy Skill Builder Series workbooks for sixth- through eighth-grade students reading below grade level, and WriteToLearn, a Web-based learning tool designed to help students develop writing and reading comprehension skills. The package is geared toward students who are taking summer school classes to improve literacy skills.

Prentice Hall's Literacy Skill Builder Series workbooks feature text appropriate to students reading below grade level; small, manageable units for students to master skills; and vocabulary-building exercises. Developed by Pearson Knowledge Technologies, WriteToLearn works in tandem with the exercises. With WriteToLearn, students use a Web-based interface to practice essay writing and summarization skills, and their efforts are measured by Pearson's Knowledge Analysis Technologies (KAT) engine, which automatically evaluates the meaning of text by examining whole passages. Students receive immediate, specific feedback on their work, allowing them to improve their writing and summaries by completing multiple drafts without hours of teacher assistance and grading, according to the announcement.

The package includes comprehensive materials for teachers, such as a pacing guide for lesson planning, activity ideas, teaching strategies for difficult concepts, and how to integrate WriteToLearn into lessons. Teachers can assess student progress through pre- and post-testing, as well as through the WriteToLearn teacher interface, which allows teachers to easily assess students' writing progress individually or as a class.

For information and pricing for Prentice Hall's Literacy Skill Builder Series, visit For more information about WriteToLearn, visit

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