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Pearson PASeries Writing Debuts

Posted Mar 7, 2006
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Pearson Education has announced the launch of PASeries Writing, the newest addition to its PASeries (Progress Assessment Series) product line. Developed for students in grades 6-12, PASeries Writing provides online assessment and regular practice throughout the school year to measure student progress and improve writing performance. Using the Knowledge Analysis Technologies (KAT) engine for scientifically based automated scoring, PASeries Writing provides immediate online reporting and easy-to-understand visual feedback to connect classroom instruction to student achievement, the announcement states.

The KAT engine, developed by Pearson Knowledge Technologies, is an automated evaluation tool that examines student writing in context and provides scoring that aligns with many state rubrics. The KAT engine is the only automated assessment tool for written language that evaluates the meaning of text, not simply grammatical correctness, spelling or other surface elements, according to the Pearson announcement.

PASeries Writing joins PASeries Reading and PASeries Mathematics, released in September 2004. PASeries is distributed to states and districts by Pearson Educational Measurement and Pearson Assessments. For more information about the PASeries product line, visit

Source: Pearson Education,

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