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Pearson Launches enVisionMATH

Posted Jan 23, 2008
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Pearson has announced the launch of enVisionMATH, a program offering a curriculum that combines visual animation and next-generation technologies to engage and entertain students while providing a comprehensive foundation in math skills.
Debuting at the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, enVisionMATH was developed by Scott Foresman and top math experts in conceptual development, problem-solving, and visual learning instructional strategies in collaboration with classroom teachers.

enVisionMATH is a research-based program that blends visual animations and graphic text centered on conceptual understanding and helping students develop their reasoning ability for problem-solving — the critical foundation for higher level math they will need to succeed in college and in their careers, according to enVisionMATH author Dr. Randy Charles, Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, San Jose State University, and past Vice President of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.
Teachers can personalize enVisionMATH instruction for all students regardless of learning style or special needs. The program also has specific components – including the visual and interactive learning components – designed for those students who are learning basic English at the same time they are learning math.
Published in both English and Spanish, enVisionMATH’s visual learning design includes a Visual Learning Bridge in each lesson, with step-by-step visuals that bridge the gap between the interactive learning activity and guided practice.
The standards-based curriculum includes daily differentiated instruction. The program is organized into 20 focused topics at each grade level using a teaching system that places all of the materials for each topic in one place. Animated topic tutorials, video topic openers, whiteboard-ready resources, eTools and online editions help students of all learning styles and abilities access content and allow teachers to customize instruction. With assessment and prescriptions embedded throughout enVisionMATH, teachers can individualize instruction for students, ensuring they grasp each concept before moving on to the next lesson.
For more information or to see a demo of enVisionMATH, go to
Source: Pearson,

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