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Pearson Launches AIMSweb Behavior Module

Posted Aug 26, 2010
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With the launch by Pearson of AIMSweb Behavior module, educators can now utilize Pearson's Response to Intervention (RTI) and progress monitoring system AIMSweb to screen, identify, and manage student behavior and social skills in the classroom. The newly launched Behavior module offers a set of behavioral tools that work in tandem with the system's academic assessments and data management features to implement a comprehensive RTI framework in their classrooms.

RTI is an emerging approach used in classrooms across the nation to help all children learn by identifying problems earlier, continuously monitoring student progress, and applying appropriate learning strategies to keep students on track. 

AIMSweb's new behavior and social skills toolkit provides a way to identify, intervene and monitor behavior and social skills in the classroom, according to the announcement. Supporting positive behavior programs, "school rules" initiatives, and behavior management programs, the toolkit helps teachers and specialists discover and moderate these issues early - before they negatively affect a student's academic performance or lead to costly disciplinary action referrals.

AIMSweb Behavior's features include:

  • Benchmarking tools to screen for social, emotional, and behavior skills and problems
  • A flexible progress monitoring tool that can be used to track a student's response to intervention or response to school-wide initiatives such as Positive Behavior Support (PBS) programs
  • Evidence-based intervention strategies that are designed specifically for teachers to use in one-on-one, small group, and classroom settings
  • Individual and group-level reporting options that track students throughout the academic year, and reports that can be combined with academic results within the AIMSweb system.

More information about Pearson's AIMSweb is available at the AIMSweb website,

Source: Pearson Assessment,

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