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Pearson Introduces New Middle School Interactive Science Curriculum

Posted Nov 13, 2009
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Pearson has announced its Interactive Science middle school program. The research-based approach of the program brings science to life for students, the announcement states, and offers teachers the option of a single digital pathway, a "write-in- the-book" print version, or a blended online and print combination.

Available for purchase in January 2010, Interactive Science enables middle school students to read, write, draw, graph, and self-assess all in one place, actively engaging students with real-world content. With Pearson’s Interactive Science, today’s middle school students can foster a sense of ownership in their science learning and connect concepts to their daily lives, according to the announcement.

Taking advantage of technology to personalize learning, Interactive Science’s online learning environment,, utilizes videos, virtual labs, interactive activities, vocabulary games, research opportunities, content-related math problems, and self-assessments. Each lesson opens with a Planet Diary feature where students read about a specific problem, issue, factoid, real-life event, or misconception and then blog about their reactions to one or two open- ended questions about the example.

Aligned to NSTA standards, Interactive Science utilizes Dr. Grant Wiggins’ Understanding by Design model and focuses on interactive, visual, and differentiated learning strategies to help teachers provide personalized learning for all students.

Visual cues throughout the text are designed to help struggling readers and English Learners to better understand core science concepts, and integrated print and digital formative self-assessments keep students on track throughout the school year. When students need extra help, they can access MyScienceCoach, an online interactive tool that brings students up to speed with additional activities, links to external websites that support key science topics and educational content passages, which cover chapter topics and can be set to their individual Lexile reading levels.

To view the Interactive Science digital path in action, visit For more information about the program, see or

Source: Pearson,

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