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Pearson Enhances Waterford Early Learning, SuccessMaker and NovaNET

Posted Aug 24, 2010
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Pearson has announced extensive enhancements to three of its digital learning platforms:  Waterford Early Learning, SuccessMaker, and NovaNET.

The enhancements start with digital learning in the early grades with Waterford Early Learning, a curriculum solution from Pearson designed to build early foundations in reading, math and science for grades K through 2. Beginning this month, Waterford Early Learning will now include:

* Improvements in the pacing and responsiveness of the curriculum based on the Waterford Institute's analysis of student performance data;

* A shorter and more engaging assessment to place students within the curriculum according to need; and

* Improved reporting to provide more data on student performance.

In addition to these enhancements, Waterford Early Learning's new interactive whiteboard lessons also enable teachers to extend learning into small-group and whole-class instruction.

Beginning this month, Pearson's K-8 one-on-one personalized learning program SuccessMaker will include the following components:

* A skills-based placement assessment for grades K-2 that determines the optimum starting point in reading courses for the youngest learners, allowing for a more personalized learning experience;

* Fresh practice activities, games, and multimedia lessons; and

* A new, secure, district-hosted web-based delivery option that provides student access from anywhere via a standard web browser.

Pearson has also extended SuccessMaker instruction to small-group and whole-class collaborative learning with the new SuccessMaker Collaborate program for the interactive whiteboard.

NovaNET now offers:

* New government, environmental science, and pre-algebra courses with integrated videos and animations, interactive charts and tables, and embedded assessments;

* More practice questions with corresponding instruction and feedback, all geared at enhancing student understanding; and

* Multimedia lessons and assessments on topics relevant to students' lives like citizenship, issues of our time, government in your life, and career opportunities. 

All of these enrichments are available for customers immediately, and the standards-aligned programs qualify for federal funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. More information can be found online at

Source: Pearson,

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