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Pearson Debuts Newly Enhanced Website for National Evaluation Series Educator Certification Testing Program

Posted Sep 8, 2010
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The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson has launched the newly enhanced website for the NES (National Evaluation Series) educator certification testing program. Now at, teacher licensure candidates and faculty members will find complete testing information, candidate preparation materials, and college and university faculty preparation resources for the contemporary, 100 percent computer-based testing program.

The NES is designed to help states ensure that the educators they certify are prepared to teach effectively in 21st century classrooms. NES tests provide states with comprehensive exams aligned to professionally accepted national learning standards, covering areas such as essential academic skills, professional knowledge, reading instruction and commonly taught elementary, middle and secondary grade-level subjects.

Through's new "My Account" feature, teacher licensure candidates have a single, online point of access for all of their testing information and services. "My Account" users can register for tests, manage existing registrations, access score reports and view testing history at their convenience through a streamlined interface. Each candidate's account requires a unique password and is securely protected by Pearson's encryption technology. The redesigned site also includes policies and procedures for taking all 33 NES tests, including the rules of test participation and alternative testing arrangements for candidates with disabilities. features a number of different resources to help candidates prepare for the exams, such as NES Profile and NES Practice. NES Profile is a series of free, online study guides that are accessible from school, home or wherever the candidate has internet access. Each NES Profile includes the essential information a candidate needs about the test, such as the format and content covered, as well as sample test questions.

NES Practice is a series of full-length, online, interactive practice tests designed to simulate the experience of taking a NES test. NES Practice tests are available for all 33 NES tests and include authentic test questions developed for the NES program. For each practice test, candidates will receive immediate, comprehensive feedback on their multiple-choice and essay performance. Once scored, examinees can review their answers to the practice test questions along with explanations of each test question's correct response. Pricing for NES Practice starts at $17.50 per test.

In a special Faculty Resources section developed specifically for faculty members at teacher preparation programs, offers tools, strategies and materials for preparing candidates for the exams. Resources include worksheets and advice for mentoring candidates through the teacher certification testing process, and information about understanding NES content, helping candidates prepare to take the NES tests and interpreting candidate test results.

For more information about the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson, go to

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