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Pearson Connects Digital Solution for Response to Intervention to Common Core Math

Posted Apr 12, 2012
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Pearson has announced the pairing of AIMSweb, its web-based benchmark and progress monitoring system, with enVisionMATH Common Core, a print and digital curriculum for students in kindergarten through grade 6, and focusMATH Intensive Intervention, an intensive, K-6 math intervention program. Students in schools teaching with these programs will now have their AIMSweb math results linked to recommended lessons in enVisionMATH Common Core as well as exercises in focusMATH Intensive Intervention, providing them with immediate practice on concepts and skills that they may be struggling to understand. 

With full support for the RTI Framework, AIMSweb allows teachers and administrators to assess and monitor student progress, address deficiencies, and recheck results quickly and often. AIMSweb provides multiple assessments designed to efficiently benchmark and progress-monitor academic skills in reading, writing and math for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. A key component of AIMSweb is a method of monitoring student progress through frequent, short assessments of basic skills. Administration takes between one to eight minutes and can be done individually or in groups depending on the assessment.

Now the results of AIMSweb math assessments will point the teacher to the appropriate enVisionMATH Common Core lessons to help close gaps in student learning. The first K-6 mathematics program written entirely to the new Common Core State Standards,envisionMATH Common Core is an innovative research-based curriculum that enhances the understanding of concepts through visual instruction and increases the student's ability to solve problems through the use of bar diagrams. The curriculum, with embedded support for English learners, differentiated instruction, and a full digital path, utilizes the instructional model of the Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley envisionMATH.

Students who need more in-depth practice will be linked to resources in focusMATH Intensive Intervention, Pearson's intensive, K-6 math intervention program for students who are performing below grade level.  Developed based on the National Council Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum Focal Points for Grades PreK-8, the program provides  a balanced approach to math instruction by exposing students performing below grade-level to an active learning environment supported by explicit teaching on focal point topics.

For more information, about AIMSweb, go to

Source: Pearson,

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