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Pearson Announces Release of Person Inform v.4.2

Posted Nov 28, 2007
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Pearson has announced the launch of the newest update to Pearson Inform, its achievement data analysis and decision support tool for K-12 schools. With its new Academic Intervention Plan feature, Pearson Inform 4.2 significantly expands its capabilities for planning individualized and group student instruction.

Building on the product’s support for identifying and monitoring intervention groups, the new feature allows educators to develop intervention plans for any group of students who need instruction outside of the regular academic program, such as remediation activities for struggling students or enrichment academics for gifted students. With this new feature, Pearson Inform now fully supports the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework and helps school districts meet state and federal mandates and reporting requirements.

When paired with a student information system, such as Pearson’s PowerSchool Premier, Pearson Inform gives educators a quick view into individual student performance, enabling them to measure progress, plan for improvement, intervene when necessary, and improve overall district and school performance. With access to a wealth of student data, educators can develop individualized learning plans that include performance history, concept mastery status, intervention activity history, assignment of new intervention activities and programs, educator comments, targeted concepts, and suggestions for parents. District leaders, principals, and teachers can create and store Academic Intervention Plans, as well as numerous other reports, analyzing multiple formative and summative assessment results by year, subject, grade, demographics, and more.

Once the plans are put into action, district leaders, principals, instructional specialists and teachers can monitor student progress in an intervention group, individually, in subsets, or as a whole. Teachers can view the plans for individual students and make comments or add additional information that will be included with the Academic Intervention Plan in historical data and can be shared with other educators and parents.

The Academic Intervention Plans in Pearson Inform 4.2 are available to teachers and administrators online or they can be printed and included with grant reports or shared with individual students’ parents at conferences.

For more information about Pearson Inform 4.2, visit

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