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PLATO Learning Releases Online Courses

Posted Jan 26, 2006
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PLATO Learning, Inc. has announced the release of PLATO Courses. These semester-long online courses provide schools and districts a way to deliver rigorous credit recovery solutions, alternatives for students not succeeding in the traditional environment, credit-granting distance learning programs, and home school curricula.

PLATO Courses—available in Algebra 1A and 1B, Algebra 2A and 2B, English 9A and 9B, English 10A and 10B, Biology Semesters A and B, Physical Science Semesters A and B, Geography Semesters A and B, and American History Semesters A and B—are aligned to national standards in each subject area. Each course provides a comprehensive course curriculum, including exemptive assessments, instructional content, cumulative final exams, and state standards coverage reports. To promote the successful use of PLATO Courses, PLATO education consultants provide both onsite and electronic professional development sessions.

Each PLATO Course includes teacher support materials—a Teacher's Guide and Implementation Guide. The Teacher's Guide includes pacing charts, grading sheets, offline assessments, and a scope and sequence; the Implementation Guide helps schools plan for evaluations and access best practices in instructional strategies, coaching, and mentoring.

Source: PLATO Learning, Inc.,

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