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PLATO Learning Offers Rosetta Stone Version 3 to Customers

Posted Mar 24, 2009
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PLATO Learning, Inc. , has announced it now offers Rosetta Stone Classroom Version 3, delivered via online subscription , and available for immediate order. Rosetta Stone Classroom incorporates seamlessly into a teacher's overall language learning curriculum. PLATO Learning has distributed Rosetta Stone products since 2001.


Rosetta Stone Classroom expands PLATO Learning's content offering by including foreign and English language courses in an online subscription format. The product is designed particularly for English language learners (ELLs), as well as for supplemental world language learning.


The Rosetta Stone English as a Second Language (ESL) and ELL solutions are immersion-based and can be integrated into bilingual, dual immersion, or limited English proficiency programs. Rosetta Stone focuses on ESL/ESOL learners' innate strengths, using its proprietary "Dynamic Immersion" system to move students through a carefully structured sequence of pictures, encouraging them to associate images they understand with words that they are learning.


For foreign language learning, Rosetta Stone Classroom Version 3 offers more than 20 different languages and can be used to complement classroom teaching or to allow students to work independently. Rosetta Stone Classroom advances students to the next level only when they achieve a level of proficiency defined by the teacher. Features such as speech analysis tools, grammar and spelling components, and predefined course templates complement classroom teaching expertise.

Source: PLATO Learning, Inc.,

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