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PCI Education Launches Momentum Math Grade Level Editions

Posted Apr 13, 2011
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PCI Education, a provider of resources for students with special needs, has announced the launch of Momentum Math Grade Level Editions, a flexible and targeted mathematics intervention solution for students in grades 6-8. The program is designed to engage all learners, including students with special needs and English language learners, who have given up on math because they have fallen behind. Through a series of dynamic and visually engaging lessons, Momentum Math helps students master the concepts, procedures and language that are the foundation for higher mathematics, including algebra.

Intended for students two or more years below grade level in math, Momentum Math builds conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and problem solving through lessons that follow research-based, scaffolded pedagogy. Once students understand a topic and achieve fluency in the related procedure, application lessons help students see the relevance of the math they have learned, and provide an opportunity for assessment of key concepts and skills.

To engage students, Momentum Math uses a graphic format with character guides to accompany students through the math lessons. The characters model example problems, present mathematical concepts, and share effective strategies with students. In addition, Momentum Math is built around a metaphor that appeals to adolescents - driving a car.

Momentum Math addresses a variety of needs and learning styles to differentiate instruction for struggling students. The program presents concepts through multiple representations. Momentum Math includes teaching suggestions for key vocabulary to support English language learners, and hands-on activities to help teachers adapt lessons for students with special needs. 

To inform instruction, Momentum Math offers a wide range of assessment, data analysis, and reporting tools. The program offers embedded assessments that allow teachers to monitor students' understanding in every lesson. Educators administer pretests to gather information about students' strengths and weaknesses, implement engaging, short lessons to improve specific math skills, and follow-up with a posttest to verify students have mastered targeted skills.

Computer-based assessments powered by ExamView also help teachers target instruction based on a student's area of need. The ExamView Assessment Suite allows teachers to manage students' instructional paths with the ExamView Test Manager. Students can take the Momentum Math assessments directly on the computer, or teachers can print them and scan the results to the classroom computer through the ExamView Test Player. 

For more information about Momentum Math, visit

Source: PCI Education,

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