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PCI Education Introduces Algebra City

Posted Jan 30, 2012
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PCI Education, a provider of resources for students with special instructional needs, has introduced Algebra City, a blended intervention program focusing on the 28 most common algebraic misconceptions.

Research shows that many students misunderstand the concepts, procedures and representations needed to master and pass Algebra I, the announcement states. Algebra City aims to keep students on track by using pinpoint assessment to identify where a student is struggling conceptually, and providing thorough and multiple approaches to correcting the misconception. Algebra City may be used for intervention with any core Algebra I curriculum.

According to Algebra City author Dr. Donna Craighead, the program's four Student Editions differ from traditional algebra textbooks. Whereas textbooks use a linear model, as an intervention program Algebra City uses assessment data to target instruction only where needed. The graphic novel-style Student Editions use avatar-like characters to encourage students to re-engage with algebra in new ways, including an online adventure island where students can solve practice problems.

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Algebra City is a four-part series, with each book covering seven misconceptions. The series is divided into Algebra Essentials, Equations & Inequalities, Graphing, and Polynomials & Factoring. The ExamView Assessment Suite for Algebra City includes readymade pre- and post-tests at the program, book and unit levels, an item bank and test generator, and robust reporting.

Algebra City is one of five new offerings from PCI Education that provide intensive intervention and remediation in reading, writing, and math for students in grades 6-12.  

Source: PCI Education,

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