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PBS TeacherLine Winter Course Term Opens for Enrollment

Posted Nov 11, 2009
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PBS TeacherLine has opened enrollment for its 2010 Winter Course Term, with courses starting Jan. 27.

Through standards-based, graduate-level courses, PBS TeacherLine offers teachers professional development opportunities in an accessible online format designed to make learning flexible and collaborative. Teachers can earn graduate credit, professional development points, or continuing education units while gaining strategies and resources they can use in their classrooms. The Winter Course Term features more than 130 courses in science, math, reading and language arts, instructional technology, and instructional strategies offered through PBS TeacherLine's national service and local PBS station services.

The courses are designed to leverage the use of technologies such as audio, video, interactives, and online discussions to provide an engaging, collaborative learning experience, to address multiple learning styles, and to serve as a model for ways to effectively integrate technology into the classroom. A study last year by the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers indicated that teachers don't feel adequately prepared to use technology to enhance their lessons and need further training and support.

For more information about PBS TeacherLine and to access the course catalog, visit

Source: PBS TeacherLine,

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