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PBS KIDS GO!’s Cyberchase Math Series Website Is Redesigned

Posted Oct 19, 2011
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THIRTEEN for WNET New York Public Media, producer of PBS KIDS GO!'s math series Cyberchase, has redesigned the Cyberchase website with all-new features and hundreds of videos, math games and hands-on activities in support of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning.

The online experience, relaunching October 25, captures the fun and adventure of the series while strategically engaging children in standards-based math concepts across different types of media. Produced with funding from The National Science Foundation (NSF), the site will comprise one of the largest math resources on the web for kids.

The website ( brings together in one place all of Cyberchase's rich multimedia content - 94 episodes, hundreds of videos, including videos in Spanish, and 100+ math games and activities - and is a culmination of nine years' research that demonstrates the power of Cyberchase to improve children's problem-solving and math skills, and increase positive attitudes toward math, according to the announcement. The site is restructured for kids, parents and educators to make their favorite experiences more thematically and mathematically linked, and easier to find.

Central to the redesign are new recommended content paths - prompts designed to keep kids moving through math experiences across a single theme. When users select their favorite Cyberchase games or episodes to play, they automatically can choose from other media selections related to the same math topic or character. With the all-new Find It! page, users can browse through content organized by popular topics such as fractions, science & engineering and geometry.

Visitors to the Cyberchase site will now discover:

 o        A new look and feel that immerses users in the world of Cyberchase and engages them in character- and math-driven adventures across a vast media offering

o        A Find It! section that allows users to navigate collections of content by math topic or themes like Holidays and Money

o        A video player on which kids can watch all of Cyberchase's 94 full episodes plus hundreds of short videos

o        Videos En Español and videos with embedded games

o        A math games area that features rotating recommendations for nearly 50 interactive games, including four immersive Quests

o        An activities area that makes it easy to select fun, hands-on printables kids can do alone or with others both in and out of school

Targeted for kids 8 to 11, the redesigned Cyberchase site will also serve older and younger kids, along with parents and educators looking to bolster math learning with engaging -and entertaining - math content.

Source: PBS Kids,

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