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Internet @ Schools Increases Integration with Google Classroom

Posted Oct 27, 2015
Bookmark and Share, an online resource library for K-12 teachers, has announced additional ways that teachers can seamlessly integrate its resources with Google Classroom. Now, teachers can import their rosters from Google Classroom into OpenEd with a single click. This roster integration means that any OpenEd resource shared onto Google Classroom will be graded automatically, saving teachers time and letting them focus on what they do best—teaching.

This enhancement marks the second phase of OpenEd’s integration with Google Classroom. Earlier this year, teachers were able to share resources from OpenEd into Google Classroom. With this new level of integration, teachers don’t need to manually create usernames or give out classcodes. They can just transfer their Google Classroom roster right into an OpenEd class. has over a million assessments, videos, games and homework assignments. All of these resources are aligned accurately to the appropriate standard via machine learning. The company uses its pre-built and automatically graded assessments to determine the optimal and most effective videos and games, resulting in truly personalized learning for each student.

To see how OpenEd works with Google Classroom, please visit, sign up with Google, and click the Google Classroom share buttons on the roster and resource pages.

Source: OpenEd,

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