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Internet @ Schools Expands Library With New Videos, Games, and Assessments

Posted Nov 11, 2015
Bookmark and Share has announced the addition of new videos and games to its library from Flocabulary, Althea Publishers, Splash Math and Gynzy.

All resources in the OpenEd library are sorted by quality, grade, subject and publisher, and all are aligned to the standards and microconcepts within Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Texas (TEKS) standards. Nearly 10 percent of U.S. teachers turn to OpenEd for access to free, high-quality online resources.

OpenEd research demonstrates that the most effective videos and games for students are often created by niche publishers who do one thing very well. Publishers that take a broad approach to content development are typically average to below average in effectiveness.

The new and effective publishers listed on are:

· Flocabulary, which creates educational hip-hop videos to teach K-12 students standards-based content from ELA, math, science and social studies. The company has made a small portion of its content library available for free to OpenEd users; the full program is available

· Althea Publishers, which specializes in science and math videos designed specifically for English language learners. Its resources will be free for the next two weeks.

· Splash Math, which focuses on K-5 learners with fun and engaging exercises and games that are curriculum aligned. It is free.

· Gynzy, which offers interactive apps and activities designed for smartboard technology. It is free.

OpenEd allows teachers to assign a different resource to each student based on individual assessment results. It also is now compatible with some of the most popular Learning management systems (LMS) and Personalized Learning Platforms. Teachers who use Google Classroom, Canvas, Highlight by Education Elements, Atlas Learning, Otus Learning, Slate or Moodle can now share the above and all OpenEd resources with their students directly via their platforms.

Source: OpenEd,

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