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OnlyMyEmail Provides Comprehensive Email Solution for Schools

Posted Oct 9, 2007
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OnlyMyEmail, creator of the safe and secure email solution for use from home, has announced it will now customize configuration of with its corporate solution MX-Defender to create a comprehensive filtering and email security service for school systems and classrooms. will enable children to receive the highest-level of security when they use email in school, the announcement states. OnlyMyEmail will then take its corporate MX-Defender solution to provide teachers and administrators with a filtering service.

Using, teachers can control all of the emails that children in their classroom receive and send via one screen. The screen lists each of the student's name and offer various Teacher Features customizable to teacher specifications, including the following:

· Optional “Lock-Down" mode (most appropriate for very young children) only allows email delivery from senders who have first received teacher approval.
· Optional "Review" saves copies of all email delivered to children's addresses.
· Optional "Kids Carbon Copy" sends the teacher copies of all outbound messages sent from children's account.
· All blocked messages may be easily released for delivery upon teacher review and approval. is designed to ensure that children in classroom are shielded from e-marketers, unwanted spam, and Internet predators, enabling teachers to focus on and introduce fun activities like “e-Pen-Pals” in their classrooms. also subscribes to a "No Permission-based Marketing Promise," meaning direct marketers will not be able to pay to bypass OME-kids filters, according to the announcement.

OnlyMyEmail will customize configuration for schools and classrooms with 80 users or more.

Source: OnlyMyEmail,

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