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Online Homework Help, Math Refreshers Now Available to Middle and High School Students Learning With Pearson's Common Core Programs

Posted Aug 22, 2012
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Pearson has announced that middle and high school students learning with its Common Core math programs can now turn to Virtual Nerd interactive videos for on-demand quick refreshers or homework help anytime they need support.

Available free to students learning with Pearson High School Math Common Core 2012, Pearson High School Math 2011, or Pearson Integrated High School Mathematics 2014, Virtual Nerd's collection of online interactive video tutorials support 21st Century learning by delivering personalized content to students. Virtual Nerd tutorials support every lesson in the high school math programs, allowing students to learn in multiple ways. Learners get the benefits of private tutoring through content-aligned tutorials presented on Virtual Nerd's Dynamic Whiteboard instructional platform, which anticipates students' questions and allows them to drill down on specific areas where they are having difficulty.

Virtual Nerd is also a featured channel on myMathUniverse, a free site developed to support Pearson's middle grades math program, digits. myMathUniverse is free to students - whether or not they are learning with the digits program. digits is the first middle school mathematics core curriculum that leverages technology to personalize student learning and optimize class instructional time.

To see an example of a Virtual Nerd interactive video, click here.

Virtual Nerd ( offers math tutorials covering grades 6-12 in its patent-pending Dynamic Whiteboard. The multimedia instructional content is delivered online and provides a highly interactive learning experience. Students using Virtual Nerd take a personalized path and learn at their own pace to achieve a fundamental understanding of math concepts. Teachers and administrators benefit from Virtual Nerd School Edition's integrated planning, assessment and intervention tools.

Source: Pearson,

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