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Numonics Launches a Bluetooth Tablet

Posted Sep 12, 2005
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The Mobilepresenter BT is a lightweight cordless tablet—and mouse replacement—that provides remote control of a connected computer system using Bluetooth technology. The device enables educators to control a computer while moving around the classroom and interacting with students.

The Mobilepresenter BT communicates with a computer through a wireless Bluetooth interface that plugs into any USB port on the computer. All mouse functions are transferred to the pen.

The device provides live annotation over presentations, programs, documents, and Web pages. The technology is applicable to all Microsoft Office programs, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Softkeys located across the top of the tablet allow instant access to applications, multimedia controls, and presentation tools including Annotation Pens, Spotlight, Reveal, and a Virtual Whiteboard for notetaking.

The included software provides a library of clip art with more than 2,000 images for geography, math, science, history, and more.

The Mobilepresenter BT can be used for classroom presentations using whiteboards, projection systems, or computer monitors.

Source: Numonics, 800/523-6716 or

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