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Numonics Launches Intelliboard 77

Posted May 28, 2006
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The new Intelliboard 77 interactive whiteboard combines educational content software with electromagnetic digital technology.

All computer controls are transferred to the board's multimedia pen, turning the pen into a computer mouse. The pen features left and right mouse click functions and enables the navigation of any Windows or Macintosh program, Internet browser, CD, or DVD connected to a computer.

The new whiteboard features a 77-inch diagonal screen size, hard laminate surface, durable construction, and a limited lifetime warranty. Smaller screens—62-inch and 47-inch—are also available.

The Intelliboard software suite provides an array of educational content software, including free access to the Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD, a secondary level clip art library with more than 2,000 images and accompanying text, and Virtual WhiteBoard software for capturing notes, drawings, and creating lessons.

Numonics Corporation, 215/362-2766 or or

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