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Northwest Evaluation Association Introduces Dynamic Reporting Suite

Posted Mar 10, 2006
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Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) has introduced the Dynamic Reporting Suite. Designed to simplify the analysis of assessment and curriculum data, the Suite allows teachers, principals, and administrators to spotlight learning areas that deserve attention without searching through stacks of reports or analyzing overwhelming numbers. The Suite offers this analytic capacity to K-12 education districts of any size and is available for purchase to all education organizations using NWEA's Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) system.

To use the Suite, teachers and administrators log onto the Dynamic Reporting Suite on NWEA's Web site. The Suite graphically displays key information about student learning in a visual format. Educators can choose to view more specific details to better understand student achievement trends and to plan instruction for each student's unique needs. The reports' visual usability means educators take only a fraction of the time they had been taking to quickly understand significant amounts of data in the reports, the NWEA announcement states.

Data aggregated through the Dynamic Reporting Suite are from NWEA's MAP assessment system that includes academic growth information and growth norms, all related to how a child is doing on a continuum of learning.

The Suite allows users to print customized reports and graphs that can include student performance data relative to growth, norms, and state proficiency.

Through use of the Suite, teachers can immediately understand their students' progress toward their individual growth targets, and toward meeting state proficiency standards. Additionally, teachers can get a snapshot of the academic diversity in their classroom, and spotlight areas in which students need support. They can also see which students are on track to be proficient in reading, math, or language arts, and can identify how education practices are affecting student growth.

The Dynamic Reporting Suite also enables teachers to create customized reading lists for students, targeting both reading ability and interests. Teachers can share the lists with parents for at-home reading emphasis and to guide summer reading.

For principals and building-level administrators, the Suite focuses attention on areas of possible concern by highlighting the proportion of students who are projected to meet growth targets and state proficiency standards.

At the central office administrative level, the Suite provides information through NWEA's Leaders' Edge tool. This enables administrators to disaggregate the growth data at any level. With this insight, administrators can evaluate the effectiveness of school programs and policies, and how best to allocate resources.

Administrators also can compare and analyze district, school and individual growth targets, spot district or school-level patterns and trends, and quickly "drill down" through groups to pinpoint student data.

Source: Northwest Evaluation Association,

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