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News@NECC: GTCO CalComp Releases InterWrite PRS Software v.3.2

Posted Jun 28, 2005
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GTCO CalComp, Inc. has announced the release of version 3.2 of the InterWrite PRS Software that powers its classroom response system, InterWrite PRS (Personal Response System). The upgraded software expands educators' options for developing and delivering questions and lessons using PRS.

The latest software expands the options for educators using the Macintosh operating system by including an add-in that enables them to create and deliver questions in PowerPoint on Mac computers. It also includes a self-paced mode that enables teachers to have students answer PRS questions at their own pace.

Features of the newly released InterWrite PRS Software also include:

* Blackboard add-in module for student registration of transmitters at class Web site
* New reports, including lesson questions, session reports, and class rosters
* New capability to edit grades in the PRS Gradebook
* Enhanced charting capabilities allowing educators to view results in 3-D and pie-charts
* Rename PRS Sessions, Lessons, and Gradebooks as desired
* Export lessons to native InterWrite PRS

InterWrite PRS software is included with the company's InterWrite PRS (Personal Response System), an audience response system already widely adopted in higher education, according to the announcement. Developed using Java, InterWrite PRS is a standalone application, built with a standards-based approach that provides cross-platform compatibility for both the Windows and Mac OS X operating environments. InterWrite PRS is available from GTCO CalComp through its strategic partners and through resellers.

Source: GTCO CalComp,

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