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New White Paper 'Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer' Released at Digital Citizenship Summit 2016

Posted Oct 28, 2016
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Impero Software and the Digital Citizenship Institute have announced the release of a white paper to help schools understand and effectively teach digital citizenship. The white paper, Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer, was released during the Digital Citizenship Summit 2016 in San Francisco. It can be downloaded here:

The white paper is authored by Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran, founder and CEO of the Digital Citizenship Institute; Dr. Jason Ohler, author, speaker and Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology and Virtual Learning at Fielding Graduate University; and Dr. Mike Ribble, presenter, consultant, and Director of Technology for the Manhattan-Ogden School District in Kansas, and author of Digital Citizenship in Schools, 3rd Edition. Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer defines digital citizenship, describes its important role in education today and in the future, and offers specific examples of schools and colleges that are teaching it well.

Digital Citizenship refers to the ethics, concerns and opportunities associated with living a digital lifestyle. This begins with the need to educate children about the dangers that exist online such as identity theft, sexting, and cyberbullying and extends into the positive and practical application of social media and technology as a whole.

Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer breaks down digital citizenship into three core themes – respect, educate and protect, and provides six elements for each such as digital law, digital literacy and digital security. It discusses how schools can approach the issue of Internet access such as monitoring, filtering or blocking Internet use and handling of BYOD initiatives. It offers guidance on what schools should consider when creating a digital citizenship plan and lists classroom examples from educators in elementary, middle and high school and college.

Digital Citizenship: A Holistic Primer is a collaborative effort between the Digital Citizenship Institute and Impero Software, a remote monitoring and management software provider.

The Digital Citizenship Institute partners with districts, schools and organizations to provide a community-driven approach to digital citizenship and develops solutions for schools and communities.

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