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New Standards Alignment Engine, Content for Sunburst’s

Posted Mar 22, 2006
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At the annual Florida Educational Technology Conference, Sunburst Technology announced that its online learning environment has a new standards engine. The company also announced new content  for upper grades.

Standards Engine

The standards engine provides up-to-date standards for all 50 states in the U.S. and aligns the lowest level benchmark for each state to every activity and resource in It provides the highest level of standards alignment possible, according to Sunburst, which makes eligible for many types of federal funding, such as Title I (disadvantaged students), Title II (teacher training), Title III (ESL/ELL), Title IV (21st Century Schools), Title V (promoting informed parental choice and innovative programs), Reading First, IDEA, and PT3. offers two different ways to display standards -- standards to resources, as well as resources to standards. For example, teachers can browse their state's standards, choose one by clicking on it, and then see a list of all the resources within that address that specific standard. Or they can check to see which standards a specific resource in addresses as they are selecting resources by clicking on it and viewing a list of standards. The product also allows teachers to create their own alignments for content and share those alignments with their district. With the standards on-hand and aligned to each resource, teachers can show curriculum directors and administrators correlations for their classroom lessons that use these resources. They can be viewed and printed as needed.

New Content

The addition of extensive new content significantly strengthens's offerings for upper grades:
* Math Pathways, a complete multimedia math curriculum for grades 6 to 12
* Geography Challenge, a comprehensive K to 12 geography activity covering all countries and continents
* Online courses for biology, chemistry and writing

Math Pathways is live now, and Geography Challenge and the online courses are expected to go live in the next month. All of this new content will be aligned to every state's standards within through the new standards engine. is an intervention tool that offers educators in grades K to 12 content from Sunburst's library of titles, as well as over 20,000 organized online resources for their classes, including language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula. provides educators and students in grades K-12 with lesson-planning, homework and assessment resources at school, home, or anywhere that they have an Internet connection. is available as annual subscription sold exclusively through Educational Resources and the Sunburst Learning Solutions program. For a free demo of the product, or free on-site consultation, educators can visit

Source: Sunburst Technology,

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