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New Schoology Features Enhance Blended Learning

Posted Jul 3, 2013
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Schoology has announced new features that extend its capabilities as a blended learning solution, including deeper integration of learning resources, and improved communication tools and data-driven instruction.

More than two million users at over 40,000 schools and universities use Schoology’s collaborative interface to boost student engagement and streamline curriculum management. The new features include customizable award badges for use in motivating students; a new parent interface to improve communication between parents, students and teachers; and updates to the iOS and Android mobile apps that enhance the use of external media.

In addition, Schoology CEO Jeremy Friedman says, “The most significant new feature for Schoology is Resource Apps. LMS platforms currently treat third-party app content as a separate element that, when accessed, disrupts the user’s workflow. Resource Apps transform third-party content into ‘attachable’ items that can be used in conjunction with existing learning resources. This provides our students and teachers with a better way to use their third-party tools and content, such as SoftChalk and KHAN ACADEMY.”

Streamlined access to third-party content is critical to making blended learning the most effective model it can be. Schoology’s user-centric interface and open integration platform enable educators to deliver digital learning resources in a seamless and engaging way, making blended learning more interactive and personalized.

Schoology will release these new features this summer, in advance of the next school year.

Source: Schoology,

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