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New ISTE Book Explores Videoconferencing in the Classroom

Posted Mar 5, 2009
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The new book Interactive Videoconferencing, published by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), provides educators with lesson plans and shows them how to use interactive videoconferencing (IVC) with Web 2.0 technologies to provide opportunities to students. The publication focuses on integrating videoconferencing with teachers' standards-based lessons to enhance learning.

Authors Kecia Ray and Jan Zanetis offer an innovative guide that shows how educators can utilize videoconferencing in the classroom. IVC benefits students because it allows teachers to use visual and voice interaction and develop Web 2.0 lessons that are guaranteed to increase interaction and enthusiasm in the classroom, according to the ISTE announcement about the publication.

The book includes lessons for all grade levels, evaluation tools, student work samples and guiding templates to help get teachers started. The 175-page publication is geared toward K-12 educators, administrators, and technology coordinators.

Interactive Videoconferencing is available online for $24.45 for ISTE members and $34.95 for nonmembers. More information about the book, including a free downloadable excerpt, is available at

Kecia Ray works for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools in the Office of Policy and Planning. She is the vice president of ISTE's SIGTel, the special interest group for telelearning, and has been actively involved with the NECC Program Committee’s distance education initiatives.

Jan Zanetis is the market manager for education at TANDBERG, a videoconferencing solutions provider. Zanetis currently serves as the president of ISTE’s SIGIVC, the special interest group for interactive video conferencing.

Source: The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE),

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