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New Follett Destiny Release Helps Administrators Monitor Server Health

Posted Oct 18, 2007
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Follett Software Company has announced Destiny version 8.0. The latest version of the Destiny Resource Management Solution brings a number of new functions to users, from monitoring server health to sharing library books ratings to more efficiently transferring textbooks from school to school.

Destiny Version 8.0 features a number of improvements, including new Server Health Reports that give technical administrators a snapshot of the performance of all their Destiny modules. Reports include request response times, browser reports, bandwidth reports and server uptime, among others, enabling more accurate system monitoring and troubleshooting.

The new version of Destiny Library Manager lets students, teachers, and librarians write reviews of books and post them in the bibliographic record for other patrons to read, encouraging students to respond to literature and share their written work. Improvements to Destiny Textbook Manager let districts view textbook availability across all schools to meet transfer request needs and route transfer requests made to schools.

Other improvements in Destiny 8.0 include:

• Homeroom and Grade Level Circulation Report: Destiny Library Manager now provides circulation reports by homeroom and grade level, allowing media specialists to determine which patrons and classes have the highest circulation rates, and identify books with the highest circulation.
• Tracking for Textbook Kit Items: Destiny Textbook Manager now includes support for managing textbook kit and component items, helping districts make sure that resource kit items like workbooks, CDs and manipulatives stay with the textbooks they support.
• Customizable OPAC Interface: Destiny’s Visual OPAC can now be configured to display larger text, simpler icons, and book cover images to appeal to elementary-level students or emerging readers.
• Faster, Easier Global Changes: Users of any Destiny module can now make global changes to a particular category of items; they can then assign these changes to barcode labels, spine/pocket labels, transfers, updating copies individually or globally, and Report Builder Limiter functions.

Source: Follett Software Company,

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