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Netop Unveils New Student Response System That Turns Any Smart Device Into a Clicker

Posted Nov 5, 2012
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Netop, a provider of classroom management software, has launched Netop Response, a new web-based, interactive student response system that turns any smart device into a clicker. With Netop Response, teachers can actively engage students and easily assess learning.

Using QVR, a virtual remote technology from Qwizdom, Netop Response provides a browser-based clicker that runs on any smart device, including iPads, PCs, smartphones and other web-enabled devices. Plus, Netop Response includes the new Netop Vision Mobileapp, which allows teachers to teach from anywhere in the classroom by putting the power of the resources on their PC into their iPad.

With Netop Response, teachers can pose a question to the class, either verbally, on paper or through PowerPoint. Students consider their answers and respond using their iPads, PCs or other smart devices. The results are immediately sent to the teacher, who can view them privately or share them with the entire class. Following the lesson, the results are collated instantly, and the teacher can access them in Microsoft Excel, Flash or PDF.

When Netop Response is combined with Netop Vision Pro classroom management solution to form the Netop Interactive Classroom Suite, teachers have the best-in-class solution for classroom management and an innovative, interactive student response system in one package, according to the announcement. For less than the cost of most stand-alone student response systems, the Netop Interactive Classroom Suite provides two solutions that engage student attention, ignite learning and improve achievement.

In addition, WizTeach from Qwizdom is now included with Vision Pro. WizTeach is a collection of interactive teacher tools designed to enhance teaching and boost learning outcomes across multiple subject areas, with more than 70 individual tools. WizTeach is designed to work with any interactive whiteboard or projector, any software application and even over an Internet browser.

Netop Response for one teacher and 30 students is $499, and the Netop Interactive Classroom Suite for one teacher and 30 students is $1,499. For more information or to download a free trial, visit

Source: Netop Solutions A/S,

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