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Netop Releases Version 2.0 of MyVision Classroom Management Software

Posted Nov 10, 2010
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Netop has announced a new version of MyVision. With version 2.0, both MyVision Basic and MyVision Free feature integration with Active Directory. This new feature allows teachers to monitor students wherever they choose to work - in the library, in a study room, or in an open computer lab.

Netop MyVision allows educators to manage mixed-platform classrooms. Teachers can monitor and manage a classroom of PCs, a classroom of Macs or a classroom with some of each. Netop MyVision offers robust support for the mixed-environment classroom. The new version of MyVision also features a modern, redesigned interface and supports intelligent selection of student computers. Now, when a teacher is adding students, MyVision suggests active and recently logged-in students, making it easy for educators to manage their students on computers.

The new version features full support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X 10.5 and OS X 10.6. Netop has also optimized the installation process for MyVision. With two options for installing the student module, it is now just as easy for an educator to get his or her MyVision classrooms up and running as it is for someone from the school IT department.

To introduce the new release, Netop is offering a new trial subscription to MyVision Basic at no charge. Existing users need simply to download the new version and log in with their existing user ID and password. New users will be guided through the download process. Download a trial of the new version at

Launched in 2009, MyVision is the entry-level classroom management software offering from Netop designed for teachers who need simple, basic controls over classroom computers. MyVision Basic provides four essential tools for teaching with computers, so any teacher can supervise student computer work, share engaging on-screen demonstrations, instantly capture the attention of the class and control student Internet access.

MyVision Free, offering the most fundamental tools for teaching with technology, is available to all schools as a free download. With MyVision Free, teachers can supervise student computer use, monitor Web browsing, assess student progress, identify students who need extra help and improve classroom time on task. MyVision Free provides a subset of the features in MyVision Basic and may be upgraded seamlessly at any time.

For more information or a free 30-day trial of MyVision, visit

Source: Netop Solutions A/S,

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