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Netop Launches MyVision Classroom Management Software

Posted Nov 3, 2009
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Netop, a provider of  classroom management software, has announced the launch of  MyVision, a tool for teaching with technology designed to be extremely economical.

Created for teachers who need simple, basic controls over classroom  computers, MyVision is an entry-level classroom  management solution that works on both Macs and PCs. MyVision Basic  provides four essential tools for teaching with computers, so any  teacher can supervise student computer work, share engaging on-screen  demonstrations, instantly capture the attention of the class and  control student internet access. Available via low-cost online  subscriptions, MyVision Basic is intended for teachers who have previously not been able to afford standard classroom management software.

In addition, MyVision Free, which offers the most fundamental tools  for teaching with technology, is now available to all schools as a  free download. With MyVision Free, teachers can supervise student  computer use, monitor Web browsing, assess student progress, identify  students who need extra help and improve classroom time on task.  MyVision Free provides a subset of the features in MyVision Basic and  may be upgraded seamlessly at any time.

The classroom management software solution is launching  after the completion of a successful beta test that began in  September 2009.

MyVision is the first in a series of products to be  offered by Netop’s Education Solutions team, which was formed when  Netop acquired GenevaLogic in July 2008. For more information or a free 30-day trial of MyVision, go to Through a special introductory offer  available until Dec. 31, 2009, a one-year subscription to MyVision  Basic is available at the discounted price of $149. The regular  annual subscription price is $199. To purchase MyVision Basic, go to

Source: Netop Solutions A/S,

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