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NetSupport Announces Desktop Security Software, NetSupport Protect

Posted Jun 21, 2006
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NetSupport, Ltd., has announced NetSupport Protect desktop security software, designed for technology professionals to protect their Windows operating systems and desktops from unwanted or malicious changes. NetSupport Protect provides a secure, reliable, and productive computer environment ideal for shared use systems and the classroom, the announcement states.

NetSupport Protect provides a proactive solution to the challenges faced. The philosophy of the product is to prevent changes to the desktop environment and avoid the need to rely on repair-based solutions.

NetSupport Protect has been optimized to recognize that children want to learn, and often the best way is to experiment. Unfortunately, lab computers may be used four or five times a day for different classes, and as such, schools can't afford for them to endure too much practical experimentation.

Using NetSupport Protect, IT staff can create a secure desktop environment where system configuration and access from external sources are protected, where users can utilize available applications but are shielded from system resources and the temptation of investigating the workings of the desktop.

NetSupport Protect is created from the makers of NetSupport Manager, a remote control and management solution, and of NetSupport School classroom instruction and monitoring software.

For more information and to download a free trial license, visit

Source: NetSupport, Ltd.,

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