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Nepris Service Connects STEM Professionals, Students, and Curriculum

Posted Nov 5, 2013
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Nepris has announced its solution for boosting STEM education, bringing students face-to-face with STEM professionals who serve as role models and excite students about jobs where they might be designing airplanes, curing diseases, building computers or working in an endless array of other fascinating areas.

Nepris connects students and their teachers with professionals who work in STEM careers through the power of the Web. Nepris web-enabled video chat sessions are live and highly interactive. The professionals engage students with interesting discussions, ask students questions, and show them products, design plans, and videos. For example, in a recent session with engineers at General Motors, students saw how pneumatics is used in assembling cars. By the end, students could see direct connections between what they learned in class and the cars they drive. 

Nepris makes these connections possible in a way that ensures educational standards are being met while giving teachers control of time, place, and speaker, the announcement states. Companies have a reliable platform for employees to interact with students and represent their brand. Teachers also can tie each session outline to the Common Core or to individual state curriculum standards, which has already made Nepris a sought-after pilot program.

Several Texas schools are already using Nepris and the students are getting fired up about STEM careers. When Shane Smith, instructional technology coordinator at Irving Independent School District in Texas was asked about Nepris he said, “Connecting outside the classroom adds relevance and meaning to the curriculum.” 

To sign up for Nepris as a professional or teacher, or to see a demo, visit See Nepris in action and read comments from teachers at

Source: Nepris,

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