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National Geographic Society Releases Updated Complete National Geographic

Posted Sep 27, 2010
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The National Geographic Society has announced that an updated version of "The Complete National Geographic," featuring 121 years of the iconic magazine's content, is now releasing in a box set of six DVD-ROMs and on hard drive.

"The Complete National Geographic" provides users with new ways to explore the rich treasury of reporting and photography from one of the world's most iconic magazines. In this updated archive, from October 1888 through December 2009, every printed page of the more than 1,400 issues, including over 200,000 photographs, has been digitally scanned, allowing users to leaf through electronic pages, search, zoom, scroll and print at a high-resolution level that captures the clarity and quality of the original publications. "The Complete National Geographic" can be ordered at or by calling (888) 225-5647.

In addition to the photography, the archive brings together more than a century of coverage that has introduced people around the world to the wonders of science, cultures and nature. New features of the updated "The Complete National Geographic" include:

* All 12 issues and supplemental maps from 2009. The issues include an article on the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park; the first seamless portrait of a redwood tree; a humorous and stunningly photographed feature on orchid reproduction by Michael Pollan; an adventure story on the search for Shangri-La; Garrison Keillor ruminating about state fairs; a story about life in modern Somalia; intimate portraits of Africa's Hadza people; and a look at the rarely seen Tsingy de Bemaraha national park and reserve in Madagascar.

* Ability to rotate pages for better viewing of images

* Enhanced search results

* Ability to copy DVDs to local computer drive

* Ability to print in full-color in multiple formats

* Built-in ability for users to keep CNG archive current with online access to future content upgrades

The "Complete National Geographic" has user-friendly navigation that permits users to search by keyword, date, contributor and topic. The Geobrowse function powered by Bing Maps allows users with internet access to search nearly 5,000 locations on a globe that are featured in the magazine's archive of articles and maps. The boxed set includes "readlists" created by National Geographic personalities, a trivia game with more than 300 questions and a 120-page book documenting the history of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine.

 "The Complete National Geographic" users will be able to add to their archive after purchasing the DVD-ROM or hard drive product by downloading annual updates from or by purchasing a DVD from

6-DVD-ROM Set ($79.95, TOPICS Entertainment Inc., ISBN: 978-1-4262-9635-2)

Hard Drive ($199.95, TOPICS Entertainment Inc., ISBN: 978-1-4262-9637-6)

Source: National Geographic Society,

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