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National Federation of the Blind Shows Prototype TouchBook with Digital Capabilities

Posted Jul 31, 2006
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The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) recently demonstrated a prototype tactile book with a computerized Touch User Interface (TUI). The book, "Touch the Earth," demonstrates how a paper-based Braille book with tactile images can be connected to supplemental digital content stored on a computer through the touch of a page.

The demonstration book includes five Braille pages, four tactile map images created from NASA satellite imagery, and an additional tactile page that serves as a remote control to access the associated digital content.

The NFB believes this innovative approach to educational material could serve as the guide to produce a full-scale book to help teach Earth Science concepts to both blind and sighted students.

The TUI technology from Somatic Digital enables regular printed pages to connect directly to digital content and communication protocols. When the print or tactile page is touched, a signal is sent to a computer to execute the associated command. The TUI technology is an open technology designed to enable educational publishers to create interactive digital and print hybrid workbooks, texts and supplements.

Somatic Digital,

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