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National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in Partnership with PBS TeacherLine

Posted Apr 14, 2010
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The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) has teamed with PBS TeacherLine to offer an online training course for educators who support teachers pursuing this advanced teaching credential.

To help grow the number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) in America's schools, NBPTS has developed an online version of its face-to-face Candidate Support Provider (CSP) training for educators who provide support to teachers as they go through the rigorous National Board Certification process. NBPTS, the organization that developed and administers the standards and assessment process for National Board Certification, is expanding its CSP program through PBS TeacherLine's online facilitated learning environment.

The online course, hosted by PBS TeacherLine, provides a convenient option for educators to ensure they receive the high-quality training needed to guide peers effectively. Candidate Support Providers - NBCTs, teacher leaders, school counselors, principals, professors, and others - help teachers to better analyze and reflect on their practice as it relates to the NBPTS Standards, to understand the certification process, and to demonstrate evidence of the standards in practice.

National Board Certification, for veteran teachers, is a 10-part performance assessment that includes video portfolios, analysis of classroom practice, and evaluation of content knowledge. It is part of a growing education reform movement that is reshaping American education by developing, recognizing and retaining great teachers. In a congressionally mandated report, the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academies confirmed that National Board Certified Teachers advance student achievement and learning, stay in the classroom longer, support new and struggling teachers, and assume other school-based leadership roles. The NRC acknowledged that students taught by National Board Certified Teachers make higher gains on achievement tests than students taught by non-board-certified teachers. In 2009, nearly 8,900 teachers nationwide achieved National Board Certification, bringing the total number of teachers and counselors certified by NBPTS to more than 82,000.

The Candidate Support Provider Online Course is designed to provide both new and experienced candidate support providers with the practical knowledge, skills and tools needed to successfully support teacher candidates during the National Board Certification process. The six-week, 30-hour course is designed for public and private school personnel in K-12 and higher education, professional associations, and other education organizations who are interested in guiding candidates through National Board Certification process. The course is open to National Board Certified Teachers, non-board-certified teachers, professional development staff, and others.

Through the course, educators will learn:

* Fundamentals of ethical candidate support

* Processes used for scoring portfolio entries and assessment center exercises

* How to apply adult learning principles, use effective communication skills, and review portfolio entries

* How to locate elements of evidence and provide meaningful feedback to candidates to help them deepen their level of thinking about their teaching practices.

The first offering of the Candidate Support Provider Online Course is during PBS TeacherLine's summer course session, now open for enrollment. Courses begin June 23. The cost of the course is $295. Educational institutions can coordinate a private offering of the course by contacting NBPTS. For more information, visit To learn more about PBS TeacherLine, go to

Source: PBS TeacherLine,

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