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NWEA Creates New K-2 Assessment

Posted May 4, 2006
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MAP for Primary Grades, newly released by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), provides a computer-based adaptive assessment for students in grades K-2.

The program includes two early reading and two math assessments, as well as a variety of teacher and administrator reports. In the fall, MAP for Primary Grades will include prerequisite tests and skills checklist tests to support intake testing and student placement.

Like all NWEA assessments, the program is based on the Association's RIT scale. The scale enables educators to measure growth independent of grade level and to evaluate and compare performance data across years.

The MAP for Primary Grades program extends the use of the NWEA RIT scale from Kindergarten through high school. The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) program, available for many years, uses the RIT scale for assessments for grades 2 through high school.

Source: Northwest Evaluation Association, 503/624-1951 or

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