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NWEA Adds New Capabilities to K-2 MAP Assessment

Posted Jun 22, 2007
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The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), a national non-profit organization focused on improving K-12 education, has announced new features in its MAP for Primary Grades. As part of its comprehensive MAP Growth Measures assessment system, the new primary grades assessment offers teachers improved tools to place young students in appropriate curricula, in addition to accurately identifying student abilities.

As with all of NWEA’s assessments, MAP for Primary Grades provides many reporting options, including a variety of teacher reports, student progress reports, and reports for use at the administrative level. Plus, reports for the diagnostic tests include data for specific content objectives that teachers can use to group students for instruction, curriculum planning, and reporting student achievement to parents and school administrators.

New to this version of MAP for Primary Grades:

Teachers are now able to access instructional data linked to student performance on the assessment. This reference guide is a collection of instructional data statements that translate test scores into skills and concepts students are ready to learn, and helps guide instruction during the first three years of school.

New teacher and sub-skill performance reports, based on diagnostic test data, provide teachers direct insight into overall class performance on specific skills or concepts, while sub-skill reports highlight an individual student’s instructional level.

New student reports are an at-a-glance visual display of a student’s performance across time, highlighting their understanding within goal and sub-goal areas presented in the diagnostic test.

The all-test report displays the class performance in each of the diagnostic tests given to the students for a quick visual assessment of class understanding in the specific test goal areas.

MAP for Primary Grades includes a computer-based adaptive assessment, based on NWEA’s equal-interval RIT scale that is designed to measure growth of individual students. NWEA’s MAP for Primary Grades features enhanced items such as pictures and sound to engage early learners. It includes two early reading and two math assessments. The assessment package also includes diagnostic tests in order to facilitate intake testing, student placement, and instructional design.

These additional capabilities for MAP for Primary Grades are available now.

Source: Northwest Evaluation Association,

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