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NECC News: KidsWrite Launches Publishing Community for Kids

Posted Jun 29, 2009
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KidsWrite has announced the launch of their new environment designed to mirror the 21st century workplace where students of all ages are provided with the ability to publish their writings and art through a real-world, technology-driven book publishing experience.


KidsWrite provides a comprehensive curriculum along with multiple levels of professional development that promotes leadership, creativity, communication, productivity, and collaboration through the process of writing and publishing a book. 


KidsWrite's online platform, The KidsCafé, provides project tracking to monitor the progress and outcome for each student as they work on their book project.  It also helps teachers monitor and guide the progress and outcome of each students work as they achieve academic success.


Electronic communication, collaboration tools, and social learning are a core part of the KidsCafe. The web environment allows for work to be done both in and outside the classroom. 


Teachers receive coaching and professional development throughout the process in order to help their classes:

Develop Literacy and Digital Literacy Skills

Develop Critical Thinking Skills (Bloom's Taxonomy)

Learn to self-assess

Model Constructive use of media

Develop digital citizenship (researching, e-collaboration, copyright)

Learn to harness their Creativity

Develop collaboration, project management, and team skills

Source: KidsWrite,

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