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NBC News and HotChalk Launch Digital Election Resource for Education

Posted Nov 6, 2007
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NBC News in partnership with HotChalk has announced the launch of a comprehensive digital curricular resource on American presidential politics.

The Decision ’08 resource , designed specifically for classroom instruction, offers up-to-the-minute presidential election news through a video-on-demand user interface, allowing teachers to customize their lesson plans with compelling and relevant content to bring the election process and political issues to life, according to the announcement. 

This will be of particular value in enriching political understanding of 17 and 18 year old students, who are preparing to vote for the first time.

The Decision ’08 resource will include current news reports from Telemundo, NBC’s Spanish language television network. These Spanish-language clips will give teachers with limited-English students additional venues for keeping them involved with the electoral process.

The new Decision ’08 resources are available exclusively within the HotChalk Learning Environment ( a k-12 learning management system.

HotChalk streamlines millions of teachers’ activities, allowing them to develop unique lesson plans, locate and integrate curriculum materials, manage assignments and grading online, and share information and communication with students and parents, who also have access to this free, safe community.

The dynamic political features offered by NBC News through HotChalk, which can be incorporated into lessons for any grade level and subject, will be updated weekly through Election Day 2008 and include:

* The Daily Trail - Up-to-the-minute breaking news and political analysis pulled daily from NBC News comprehensive political coverage, interviews, campaign speeches, and debates.
* Meet the Candidates – Full candidate profiles including candidacy announcements, major speeches, campaign trail news, and candidates’ positions on major issues. Full and unedited “Meet the Press” interviews with the 2008 presidential candidates will also be available.
* Presidential Debates and Conventions – Clips and coverage from the primary and presidential debates and the nominating conventions. 
* What’s At Stake – In-depth look at the key issues of 2008, including foreign policy, education, immigration, healthcare, the economy, national security, and the environment. These special features will include sample lesson plans created by teachers for teachers.
* Campaigns Past – Historical footage from past presidential campaigns including archival speeches and interviews, debates, conventions, election night coverage, and inaugural and concession speeches. This section will also include historic campaign advertisements.

The Decision ’08 content is part of the larger venture of NBC News and HotChalk to bring true “e-learning” to the classroom and set a new standard in how education is offered and consumed, the announcement states.

On HotChalk, teachers and students have access to over 70 years of NBC News digitally archived content, through a 21st century Web-based, visual platform consistent with the way students consume information today. Created in collaboration with historians, textbook authors, and other experts on a wide range of topics, thousands of video, film, and radio resources; mini-documentaries; text resources; primary sources; and images are designed to engage students in active learning and provide primary source materials that exceed what is available in traditional instructional materials.

Access to all NBC Video Resources is free to all educators and students through January 31, 2008. To access this resource, go to

Source: HotChalk,

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