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Muzzy Lane Software Introduces Muzzy Lane Author

Posted Oct 8, 2015
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Muzzy Lane Software has announced the release of Muzzy Lane Author, a growing suite of tools for authoring dynamic game-based content.

Using Muzzy Lane Author you can design and develop content in the morning, launch it in the afternoon, and update it as often as you wish, the announcement states. By making these tools available the company intends to enable a new wave of game-based learning.

Designed to be mobile first, Muzzy Lane Author puts the ability to create and maintain content directly into the hands of experts who know their subjects best. Games created with Muzzy Lane Author help assess whether students can apply what they’ve learned.

Targeted at course builders, online educators, and subject matter experts, Muzzy Lane Author will ship with an initial set of five activity types: Smart Chat, Insights, Vote, Align, and SlideShow. Several more activity types are under development.

By moving established products like the McGraw-Hill Practice series to its new game service, Muzzy Lane facilitates the authoring of new scenarios directly into these robust simulation environments.

Muzzy Lane is visiting schools over the coming months to demonstrate its new game service and authoring platform.

Source: Muzzy Lane,

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