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Muzzy Lane Software Announces Teacher Innovation Program

Posted Feb 7, 2007
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Muzzy Lane Software has announced the 2007 MAKING HISTORY Innovative Teacher Challenge for high school history teachers who wish to explore the educational impact of interactive video games. The program provides comprehensive support to teachers interested in using Muzzy Lane's MAKING HISTORY multiplayer strategy game and creates a platform for national recognition of their efforts.

All participants in the Innovative Teacher Challenge who complete a results summary of their Spring semester experience with MAKING HISTORY will receive a gift certificate. In addition, all entries will be reviewed by Muzzy Lane with assistance from its academic board of advisors, and a grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to a national conference will be awarded to the most innovative entry.

Program participants will be eligible for numerous other prizes consisting of Tablet PCs and digital cameras. Completed class studies are due for consideration by April 20. Winners will be announced May l. Visit for details and to register.

Source: Muzzy Lane Software,

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