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Muzzy Lane Introduces New Version of “Making History” Computer Game

Posted Mar 14, 2007
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Muzzy Lane Software has released a new version of MAKING HISTORY: The Calm & The Storm.

The MAKING HISTORY 2.0 computer simulation game is a contest of economics, warfare, and diplomacy, offering teachers in high schools and colleges a tool for motivating students to think critically, discuss complex topics, and improve their understanding of global conflict.

The new version includes detailed scenarios of Pearl Harbor, D-Day and the Battle of Britain. A new in-game tutorial makes it easy for students to get right into the flow of the game, and the beefed up Artificial Intelligence now contains behavioral models of more than 80 nations playing out across 800 land and sea regions around the world.

  Using World War II as the playing field, MAKING HISTORY puts students in charge of real nations confronting real-world problems. Skills challenged and honed during game play: International relations, industrial and workforce strategy, political acumen, military planning and action, national defense versus domestic programs, and more.

Unlike other WWII games, players are not forced to choose sides with the Axis or the Allies. Alliances are shaped and shattered based on unique national interests. And each country is precisely modeled with its real-world economic and military strengths, political ideology, diplomatic tendencies, and its level of technical advancement. Within each country the major regions feature accurate terrain, infrastructure, natural resources and industrial capabilities.

MAKING HISTORY 2.0 for Education is now available at From five-student game packs to full computer lab licenses, there is a configuration that fits any size or type of teaching environment. There is also a full set of updated support materials, designed with the input of teachers who have used the game in their classrooms.

Source: Muzzy Lane Software,

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