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More News from NECC: LeapFrog Enterprises Introduces FLY Pentop Computer

Posted Jul 6, 2005
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LeapFrog Enterprises has introduced the FLY pentop computer, a new learning platform that combines the power of computer interactivity with the lowest cost classroom media - pen and paper. The device is an affordable, portable personal learning tool that helps build critical learning skills for students of all ages, according to the announcement. LeapFrog has initially developed the platform for use in classrooms, learning centers, after-school enrichment programs, and take home programs.

The FLY pentop computer offers a range of innovative applications for tweens (grades 3-8) to learn, communicate, and game. Through software applications, it enables students to choose, launch, work in, and be coached in multiple applications in math, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.

The paper/software applications allow tweens to get homework assistance in math or spelling, translate words into Spanish, interactively master key concepts from school textbooks, play baseball games with interactive collectible playing cards, compose music, and more.

Initial learning applications include the following:

* FLY Through Math: Multiplication and Division: an interactive math homework pad designed to help students master their own multiplication and division homework. The product provides self-directed help with a student's math homework and gives real-time feedback on demand. For example, a student will be able to write a long division problem, and the FLY pentop computer will offer hints to help solve it, step-by-step, but will not give the answer. It will confirm when the task is complete. The product comes with a reference guide and an 8 ½ x 11 notebook with 40 pages of graph paper. Refills will also be available.
* FLY Through Spelling - an application that incorporates classroom-specific spelling lists and generic grade-level spelling lists to help students learn and practice their weekly spelling lists. This application makes memorization of spelling words more meaningful, resulting in higher test scores, according to the announcement. Included with the product are five spelling games, a 70,000-plus word list, and incentives where students can earn FLY bucks as they play and then cash in for interactive pets at the Spellbot Store. The product includes an 8 ½ x 9 game pad with 54 pages and an information and reference guide. Refills are sold separately.
* FLY Through Spanish Translator - An English-Spanish dictionary that allows students of all ages to write and touch a word in English, and hear it translated in Spanish.
* Test Prep Package -a test-prep package for math, science, and social studies for grades 6-8. This application directly correlates with over 90 percent of all grade 6-8 math, science, and social studies textbooks across the country, giving students the ability to pick a text and chapter, and then play games answering questions focusing on the key concept in that chapter, according to the announcement.

The FLY pentop computer comes with a sampling of a wide range of possibilities at hand. Games include FLYmatch, Hang (hangman), and FLY Tones (a music game). The user will also find several tools built in to the FLY pentop computer, such as a calculator, a scheduler, a note pad, and a map of North America. Finally, the package contains special stickers that spring to life when activated by the FLY pentop computer, and a carrying case for the FLY pen.

A range of accessories will be available for the FLY pentop computer, including FLY Game Pads, Stickers, FLY Notebooks (three sizes), FLY catcher case, a re-charger and speakers.

The FLY pentop computer will be sold in consumer electronics sections at retail stores beginning in Fall 2005. The suggested retail price for the FLY pentop computer is $99, with the suggested retail pricing for applications ranging from $4.99 - $34.99.

For more information and to view an image of the FLY pentop computer, click HERE.

Source: LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.,

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